Grandparent Rights

It is normally assumed that grandparents will see their grandchildren during the grandparents’ child’s parenting time. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen or doesn’t work when one of the grandchild’s parents is deceased, incarcerated, estranged from his/her parents, or lives a great distance away. In these cases, if the grandparents are unable to reach an informal agreement with the grandchild’s other parent, they may want to explore the possibility of obtaining a court order granting them “grandparent time.”

Several factors must be considered before the Court will order grandparent visitation rights. Among them are:

  • whether the child has lived with the grandparent(s) and for how long
  • whether grandparent visitation is in the grandchild’s best interest
  • whether grandparent visitation would interfere with the parent-child relationship

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